Monday, 15 May 2017

Android Rooting and Cache Clear Apps : 2017

Today, everyone, from a Businessman to a Household maid is an owner of a smartphone. The reason being, in this competitive world, everyone is trying to overtake the other person. And to do so, one must have a better communication with people around them.  The best medium of communication in today’s world is the smart phone. If you own a smartphone, you have a better access to the latest technologies like Xposed Installer, be it faster emailing, messaging, calling or social networking. Now a day’s most of the smartphones are run by Android Operating System. Android OS has all the latest apps which make a phone much easier to operate or work with. Each application has a definite purpose of its own.

But unfortunately, everything has a negative side or you can say drawback. If we download too many apps on our smartphone, the efficiency of the phone decreases. The phone becomes slower to operate. The reason behind this is when you download an app and use it, the server stores data related to the app in your internal memory for future use. These are called temporary web pages and include HTML pages and images. But when these caches are stores repeatedly, every day, the memory of your phone gets clogged and thus makes it less efficient or slower to operate. One can clear the cache or temp documents manually, but honestly, it’s a time-consuming process. And no one is actually free to sit and clear his phone memory regularly.

But there is no reason to worry since Android OS has launched many automatic cache cleaning apps on Google play. These cache cleaner apps will clear all the caches, temporary files, images from each and every application downloaded to your phone, making faster and more efficient to operate. And the Good news is most of the top most cache cleaner is absolutely free to download and easy to use.

Here I have listed the top 10 free Cache Cleaner apps of Android OS.
As per me, this is the best Cache cleaner app of Android OS and is absolutely free to download. It would not take much space to download as the file size is very low. And it can do multiple tasks with only a single click. This tool frees all the caches and boosts ups the operating speed of the phone. It deletes all the caches instantly and increases the ROM storage.

This is one of the most downloaded cache cleaner application in the world. It is very simple to use and very eye catching. It is a memory booster app that clears cache, deletes junks, and frees RAM. It also has an option to clear all your history and personal data to protect your privacy. It is the number one task killer app and is also recommended by CNET, LA Times.

It also most highly recommended the app for cache cleaner. It easily cleans temp files and clears unwanted apps with a single click and boosts up the performance of the phone. And the additional advantage is the size of the app is also very less.

This app is personally my favorite as it’s developed by the most reputed and well-known AVG Mobile. This application is very simple, easy to use and user-friendly. It not only does delete and clear your tasks and cookies and caches, but also clears histories, messages, and call logs from both the internal device and SD card.

Tap cleaner is growing rapidly and is overtaking the other Cache Cleaner app. What is unique in this is, it is similar to AVG cleaner but with much-pronounced fonts and style. You can clean, clear caches, cookies, temps and browser histories and data.

This app is created by the famous Go Launcher Dev team. The specialty of this app is you can also have widgets of different size. Go Cleaner is also one of the many apps which are rapidly overtaking the other cache cleaner apps.

This app cleans your phone up to 60%, cleans and clears all the unwanted files and data, speeds up the RAM and also boosts up the phone battery by 70%. The special features include that it not only is a cache cleaner but also a power manager. So instead of two apps, you can get everything in a single app. You also have a search option through which you can download safe games. Hence this application is easy to use, simple, and cool for a youngster.

Last but not the least in the top 10 list, this application is growing rapidly among the users and is quite user friendly and simple to use. It has all the features of the existing cache cleaner apps yet is improving with each upgrade. Few features include insta-cleaning of apps’ cache, task killer, auto cleaning etc.